Can Dogs Eat Avocado on Regular Basis?

By Zahid Hussain

January 21, 2017 Animals No comments

The trees of avocado are self pollinating and are usually propagated by grafting. It maintains the predictable quantity and quality of food. Avocado is used as a fruit, all over the world. However, a little research has been going on with reference of avocado being used as a dog food. As a lot of fruits and spices are being used to feed to animals to retain their health and prevent them from any diseases and infection, avocado also came under consideration.

Avocado is rich in vitamin B, which is also required in animals to maintain their energy levels and make them strong enough to fight against any infection and disease. The research was focused on can dogs eat avocados. The later parts of the article will be focusing on the issues. We are sure that this article will clear a lot of ambiguities about avocado being used as a dog food.

Cultivation of Avocados

Avocados are usually cultivated in Mediterranean and tropical climate. Avocado tree grows up to 66 ft, with leaves of 12 to 25 cm long. The avocado tree also has greenish yellow flowers, which make the tree looks amazingly beautiful.
The major producers of avocados are:

• Southern Spain
• Eastern Spain
• Morocco
• Crete
• Portugal
• South Africa
• Levant
• Venezuela
• Peru
• Colombia
• Chile
• India
• Indonesia
• Australia
• Sri Lanka
• Philippines
• Malaysia
• Mexico
• Arizona
• Puerto Rico
• Caribbean
• Texas
• Florida
• Hawaii
• Rwanda
• Ecuador
• Central America

The list is long because all of the above mentioned areas have saline water, which is favorable for proper growth of avocados.

Can Dogs Eat Avocado?

The leaves, skin, pit and bark of avocado are referred as harmful for animals like dogs and cats; so dangerous that the consumption of avocados can even kill the animal. Avocado leaves are rich in toxic fatty acid which is dangerous for the animal health.

Talking about dogs and cats, avocado might not be that much harmful to consume as it is for other species. There has been a long debate over consumption of avocados for dogs since ages, but there is not hard and fast theory about it. A lot of researchers say that avocados are toxic and must not be given to dogs. But, then there are researches that show that a certain amount of avocado can be safe for your dog. However, majority of the votes to can dogs eat avocados are against giving avocados to dogs and cats.

Why Cannot Dogs Eat Avocados?

The reason behind this big no to serving avocados to dogs is that if a dog is unable to digest avocado due to any reason, it can lead to big stomach disturbance. The pit of avocado is the biggest thing to worry about. If the dog in unable to digest the pit, it can lead to obstruction.

Animals Poison Control Center is the first one to say that avocados are a big no to dogs. You can never know the inside of your dog complete, so there is always a risk of indigestion which can be very problematic for the dog and the owner.

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Can Dogs Eat Avocado on Regular Basis?
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